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Could you relate to what the girls were saying? Or did you disagree? Either way if you were intrigued by what the girls pulled out of the magazines or want to hear any more on their views there is a great amount to listen to below. Check out the uncut version of the interview where it’s gossip central!

The full dish with the girls! Duration: 12.23

If you were interested by what you heard of the short interview with our resident fashion designer Karen Elliott then you might enjoy listening to the extended version to hear all Karen has to say from what her students university course entails to how she got into the industry herself right up to what she would do if she had control of the magazines.

Click on the link below to hear the full fifteen minute interview.

Full interview with Karen Elliot Duration: 14.34

You may not have heard as much as you would have liked to from Body Gossip Campaign co-founder Natasha Devon, well great news we have an extended interview with her for you here. It is jam packed with loads of brilliant, uplifting and eye-opening information. Take a listen to Natasha to find out what else it is the campaign does and what Natasha does out of office hours!

Click on the following link to listen.

Natasha Devon Full Interview Duration 17.37

Click on the image of Natasha below to go to the Body Gossip website

To hear more from the lovely Lucy Powis, the owner of the beautiful little fashion boutique in Lincoln ‘Ruby Red’ click on the link below. She has some interesting views on the use of mannequins in clothes shops. Take a listen!

The Full Interview With Lucy Powis of Ruby Red Fashion Boutique Duration 2.34

And if you are interested into how and why the images we see really do affect different women in different ways check out the full interview with Jane Travis, self esteem councillor from Reflections Counselling in Saxilby, Lincolnshire. Click on the link below to listen.

The Uncut Interview With Jane Travis Duration 4.36

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